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Atarah Assessment and Consultancy specialises in providing high quality independent social work interventions within the fostering service. Our mission is to provide a helping hand to vulnerable children and those who care for them.

We offer a flexible and reliable service, predominantly covering the East Anglian region (Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Cambridge) however we can operate nationally, We welcome enquires from local authorities, agencies, charities and foster carers themselves.


Our services are guided by professional ethics and values, and we aspire to best practice and a commitment to excellent client care. Atarah Assessment and Consultancy prides itself in being flexible and accommodating in its approach to ensure that any assignment is completed to a high standard and meets with the client’s expectations.

Foster Carer Recruitment

Atarah Assessment and Consultancy can assist in organising and attending recruitment events on behalf of your fostering organisation and provide over the phone advice directly to those who are
considering a fostering career.

We are also experienced in completing initial screenings and home visits on prospective carers and providing detailed feedback to the client on their suitability.

Foster Carer Assessments

Atarah Assessment and Consultancy completes Form F assessments on behalf of Local Authorities and independent fostering agencies within East Anglia.

We work in accordance with each Local Authority and independent fostering agency’s own standardised templates. We assess, recommend and present our findings to your panel.

We can also undertake standard of care reports, second opinion visits and bespoke assessments at the clients request.

Fostering Panel Membership

Atarah Assessment and Consultancy offers a fostering panel member function on a regular or ad-hoc basis; making recommendations on assessments and the approval of foster carer applicants, in addition to foster carer reviews and terminations of approval.

Fostering Independent Reviewing Officer Service

Atarah Assessment and Consultancy is able to plan, prepare and chair annual foster carer reviews and subsequently submit a comprehensive written report to the client.


Foster Carer Supervision / Locum Social Worker

Atarah Assessment and Consultancy can offer bespoke short term social work interventions to
assist organisations in maintaining a strong and supported foster carer network

Foster Carer Independent Support Service

Atarah Assessment and Consultancy can provide advice, support, advocacy and/ or mediation to
foster carers who have had concerns, complaints or allegations made against them

Additional Services available

Delivering foster carer training and support groups (unaccredited)
Undertaking UASC Age Assessments
Assisting with Quality Assurance and Auditing
Social Work Consultancy
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Atarah Assessment And Consultancy

Tel: 07818 065 336
Email: info@myfosteringadvisor.co.uk